Is it hormonal?


As I get older, I find myself a lot more emotional and reactionary than before.  I’ve been putting it down to a lot more hormones running through my body since having kids and going through body changes associated with pregnancy, breastfeeding and being a mum.

Then I got to thinking? Is it really the hormones?  At 35 years old, I cry more, I’m angry more and my moods change swiftly.  They say that we go through a body shift and emotional shift every 7 years of our lives.  And I really believe that, because I can see the change that I made at around 28 and the person that I have become today because of it.  Today I’m officially grown, physically, mentally and emotionally, and I’m grateful for that.

Today I experience real feelings, real interactions with people and can understand and acknowledge (most) my emotions.  I cry more because I allow myself the emotional release, because I am open to love and being loved (and therefore being hurt).  I cry more because I don’t feel like it makes me less of a person or weak.  I’m angry more because I set expectations and hold people accountable for their actions, and hold myself accountable for mine.  I’m angry more because I can see the world without the rosy coloured glasses of my teen and twenty years.  I’m angry more because it inspires me to change my situation more than any other emotion.

It is important to feel the world around us just as it is important to see it.  Having a high emotional IQ brings better interaction with people and stops the world from being apathetic.  Apathy is what is stopping the world from making a positive change.  Seeing all the bad things that happen around you and then pretending not to care or ignoring it because ‘its too negative’ will never be the answer to fixing it.  If you want to change your world, start with your personal interactions.  Acknowledge and deal with your own emotions.  And stop sweeping things under the rug.

And when you are asked if ‘it’s’ hormonal, the answer is: it may be.  But not always.

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