Let’s Talk About Feminism

Before I go on with my women-themed blog. I just want to set the record straight.

Though I support women’s equal rights, can see the issues that women struggle with in society and promote the betterment and evolution of women, I do not identify myself as a Feminist.

I say this because I believe that some extreme feminists and feminist ideas, cross the line over to ‘man-hating’ territory.

You do not need to be anti-men to be pro-women.

I believe in equal rights for men and women but I also see and recognise the obvious difference between the 2 genders.  Women seek equality.  Equality does not mean that we should emasculate our men so that we can have the upper hand.  This is where the problem arose in the first place, one gender was conditioned to be of lesser value.  To move into true equality, we must first wipe the slate clean and create a level playing field.  (This is also how I feel about Racism, but that is another conversation altogether).

I believe that some extreme feminists unintentionally hold women back, which is the very opposite of what that seek out to do.  For example, As a woman I should have the choice to maintain a successful and healthy career even after having children, but if I want to stay at home and dedicate my time to being a mother, this should not be frowned upon.  Even if kids were not involved, If I, as a woman, want to marry and be a ‘kept’ woman (having my husband take care of me financially) then I should have the right to do so and it shouldn’t reflect on my husband as being oppressive or dominant nor should I being judged for making the choice.  So long as there is a choice…we are all good.

The biggest adversary to women is other women.  If we all stopped judging and competing with  each other and supported and respected one another, our worlds would be volumes better.  Women have set the standard for women for a long time now, cause frankly, men don’t really care about controlling & oppressing us anymore.  They are too busy trying to understand us and their place in a world that is ever-changing and slowly becoming ours.

The time has come for us to address the root of the issue of why women still feel second rate to men.  It lies within our perception of self-worth & confidence, our upbringing and social conditioning,  and our inability to band together and support each other and rise each other up.  Education is key and we must spend more time learning, understanding rather than shaming and blaming.



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